5 tips to get the perfect #nailfie

Did you manage to kick that nail-biting habit? Are you (finally!) the proud owner of to-die-for nails? Then it’s time to flaunt them! However, taking the perfect #nailfie is not as easy as it seems… Don’t panic: just read our 5 essential photo tips and you’ll take #nailfies like a pro in no time.


1. First things first: take good care of your hands

Your manicure may be impeccable, but if your hands don’t look the part, your #nailfie will be far from perfect. So make sure to moisturize your hands and cuticles. A moisturizer or a simple oil bath can work wonders. Dip ‘em!


2. Pick the perfect backdrop to your nails

To wow out your #nailfie, there’s precious little as important as selecting the right backdrop. A moderate colour or less-than-inspiring nail art against a white backdrop? #boring. Come on, you can do better than that! Play around with colour combinations: you can either go for backgrounds that set off the colour of your nail polish, or go for complementing colours to attain a more soothing effect. Zennnn.


3. Strike a pose

Fingers outstretched, fist softly clenched or hands casually holding a prop… Hand poses make all the difference in the #nailfie world, and there are plenty to try. Though you’re obviously aiming for spontaneity, a photo shoot like this is anything but spontaneous. Rather, it means taking lots (and lots) of pictures in different poses. Make sure there’s plenty of room on your memory card or smartphone, because you’re going to need it!


4. Accessorize

With the right accessories you can easily take your #nailfie-skills to the next level. How about a piece of statement jewelry around your wrist or fingers, holding a couple of fresh flowers or drinking from a steaming mug? There’s nothing wrong with a little (carefully crafted) spontaneity, right?


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5. With a little help from my friends

Do you want to put both your hands in the spotlight? Perhaps your freshly manicured toenails can also join in the fun? With the help of a friend, that’s perfectly possible. The result is impressive, but just remember to return the favour!


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