Artificial nails: not as innocent as they seem

At Raylex, we know everyone likes to look their best. And this comes down to taking care of every little detail, like making sure your nails are beautiful and healthy. Unfortunately, not everybody is blessed with long and strong nails. Maybe yours are brittle, or maybe you can’t help seeing them as a yummy snack (come on, seriously?). Do artificial nails seem like a heaven-sent solution to you? Think again!

Artificial nails

Artificial nails a no-go? Sorry to burst your bubble!

Perfectly manicured nails are a must if you want to look smart from top to toe. They’re like the jewellery you never take off. And if you have brittle nails or short stumps, or if you simply can’t resist gnawing your nails to nubs, artificial nails or gel manicures are the easy way out. We understand, we really do. You can pick any colour you like or go wild with nail art… Yet you’d better watch it with those things!

Artificial nails

Brittle, brittler, brittlest

You want to avoid brittle nails at all costs – no point trying to deny it. If your nails aren’t exactly break-proof, don’t make matters worse by torturing them with artificial nails. The materials they’re made off are bad news for your skin. What’s more: your nails are filed in the process, making them even weaker and even more prone to breaking off. Give your nails a break: there are plenty of healthier options to get your nails in shape.

Artificial nails

Please don’t!

At Raylex, we don’t really favour artificial nails, but if you just gotta have them, make sure to get informed. After all, artificial nails are really off-limits in some cases.

Artificial nails

  1. Are you under sixteen? Then it’s best to hold off on those artificial nails, because your nails aren’t fully grown yet. Moreover, their fat content is still higher than that of adult nails, so your fake nails probably won’t even stick.
  2. When you’re pregnant, natural nails are the only safe choice. Even if the products in artificial nails haven’t proven to be harmful to pregnant women, in the event of complications, you may have to clip a device on the tip of your finger to assess oxygen saturation in the blood. Needless to say this doesn’t compute with artificial nails. When you have to have surgery, artificial nails are also out of the question.
  3. Your hands are dirtier than you think. You use them for everything. The result: your fingernails are probably swarming with bacteria. Artificial nails only make matters worse. There’s always a small risk of a bacterial infection. Are your nails turning greenish-yellow? Go see a doctor immediately.

Artificial nails

It’s perfectly fine to get a little extravagant when you’re attending a wedding, celebrating your birthday or New Year’s Eve. But don’t make a habit of wearing artificial nails. Give your nails a break!

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