nail biting

We all suffer from nail trauma now and then. Yes, so do you!

Have you ever noticed white spots on your nails? Then your nails have been traumatized. But rest assured, it…

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Artificial nails

Artificial nails: not as innocent as they seem

At Raylex, we know everyone likes to look their best. And this comes down to taking care of every…

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olijfolie nagels (1)

How to get rid of brittle nails

How can you continue to have nice looking nails for the rest of your life as a nail polish…

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Raylex reveals its miracle vitamin

Raylex’s bitter flavour ensures that you’ll keep your fingers out of your mouth. But it doesn’t stop there! The…

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21 facts about fingernails

What do you know about your fingernails? “That they don’t grow quickly enough”, we hear you thinking. Yeah, well,…

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SOS vitamin C!

Your mother has probably told you time after time: you must take your vitamins if you want to stay…

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