Nail biting - Mila Kunis

What you didn’t know about Mila Kunis…

There’s no denying that Mila Kunis is one sassy lady. Still, she too has her weaknesses. Having risen to…

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Set yourself up for success with Nicki Minaj

Raylex has a thing for strong women. We adore ladies who don’t take crap from anyone and who believe…

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Jennifer Lawrence: don’t let anybody make you believe any different, you are who you are.

We at Raylex know that if you feel good about yourself, you will automatically look better. But the opposite…

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MERYL STREEP3 -preview iamge

What you can learn from an amazing woman: Meryl Streep on the subject of beauty.

She is one of the best actresses in the world. She has a record number of Oscar nominations to…

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Stop nail biting. If they can, you can.

We know that stopping to bite your nails is much easier said than done! It’s real addiction that is…

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