Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be like Lele Pons!

Many people go above and beyond to create a picture perfect life on social media. But not Lele Pons. Her ability to laugh at herself is her trademark. The 20-year-old internet phenomenon rose to fame thanks to her six-second videos on Vine. Apparently, the life of a high school teenager is not as rosy as it seems. It even makes for some pretty hilarious images …

Self-mockery is the beginning of all wisdom

Venezuelan internet personality Lele Pons does not take herself seriously. At all. Her videos, which document her failures, go viral on social media. The pressure to perform and to be beautiful and perfect, stresses many of us out. But perfection is not human. So why not laugh at yourself from time to time instead à la Lele Pons? Watch and learn!

And then, when your friends are watching …

Talk about making an entrance!

That straight-out-of-bed look

Mannequins versus Lele Pons

Oh no, she doesn’t! Lele Pons bites her nails

Lele Pons is clearly brimming with self-confidence. But just like actress Mila Kunis, she too is a nail-biter. Are you determined to live your life the way Lele does? Go for it! But while Lele’s self-reflection is certainly something to admire, her nail biting is a habit you better don’t copy. Are you an avid nail-biter yourself? Raylex is happy to give you a helping hand.



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