Jennifer Lawrence: don’t let anybody make you believe any different, you are who you are.

We at Raylex know that if you feel good about yourself, you will automatically look better. But the opposite is also true. And what do you know, one of our favourite actresses, Jennifer Lawrence, also understood the message. We know this because she’s really clever. And because she speaks her mind. Which is why she often hits the front pages of the media…


Sometimes they’ll call people plus size here, but actually they just have a normal body

Jennifer realizes she’s in no position to complain. “I practice Pilates every day! I eat everything but I do practice more sport than the average person.” But the unrealistic body image that is promoted by advertising and films irritates her. A lot.

She finds that all too often we are confronted with people who are actually unrealistically thin. The result is that we often call someone with an “ordinary” weight and size plus-size, which Jennifer thinks is too crazy for words.


You are what you are

This is her advice to you: “Forget about all the uncertainty about your “imperfections”. Everyone has a defect. So what are you gonna do about it? Starve yourself every day to please other people? Are you mad?”

JL GIF pizza

Strong Is the New Skinny

Jennifer refuses to starve herself or a role. Above all, she tries to avoid Katniss, her character in The Hunger Games, from being the wrong kind of role model for young girls.

“Imagine if young girls start to skip meals to look like their role model Katness in The Hunger Games. I really don’t want this to happen. So I constantly reminded myself of this during the training sessions for the film”, she says. “My body can look fit and strong, but it should never look emaciated or malnourished.”


I determine what I look like

“I live in a world where everyone tells you what you should look like. What you should eat and how you can lose weight really quickly. I would really like to change this. Because I think we’ve had enough of this.”

Love your body

If you love your body, you’ll automatically look better. So why not focus on that. Because once you’ve achieved this, you may just lose your urge to bite your nails. And who knows, maybe we can help you with this.


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