Nail it like Queen B: four ‘flawless’ nail art designs

She can sing and dance like no other, she’s a style icon who lives and breathes fashion, she sets boys’ hearts racing and she’s all for girls being independent and strong. We’re talking about Beyoncé – who else? The ‘Who run the world’ singer is the epitome of female power, and we sure like that at Raylex. To motivate you to stop nail-biting, we put the singer’s nails in the picture.

1. Accent Nail Manicure: it’s all in the details


An accent nail gives your manicure a little extra something-something and it requires no nail art skills whatsoever. Simply paint all your nails in the same colour, except for one on each hand. A subtle colour variation like orange versus pink, or the more striking contrast of mint green versus pink pastel? It’s up to you!

2. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend


Beyoncé takes Marilyn Monroe’s famous words quite seriously: her ‘best friends’ accompany her everywhere. If you’re looking for a little glitter, you can go for a gemmed nail accent like Queen B. Tip: this trend doesn’t have to take a big bite out of your budget; fake diamonds will do just fine!

3. Mirror mirror on the wall


We already introduced you to mirror nails a while ago. This trend is super easy to do yourself: just apply nail polish in a sparkly, metallic colour and you’re good to go! Beyoncé went all-out, but you can also opt for some mirror details.

4. Love is in the nails


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Beyoncé doesn’t think so. She decorated her nails with pictures of herself and her hubby, Jay Z. Do you want to surprise your boyfriend with something cute? You know what to do!

Stop nail-biting for those picture perfect Beyoncé nails

Still looking for a reason to finally stop nail-biting? Get inspired by Beyoncé! With a little help from Raylex, you’ll be able to kick that nail-biting habit and flaunt your Beyoncé-inspired nails or other nail art in no time. Because nail-biting is a real no-go with these killer nails.


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