We all suffer from nail trauma now and then. Yes, so do you!

Have you ever noticed white spots on your nails? Then your nails have been traumatized. But rest assured, it sounds more dramatic than it really is. Find out where those little white spots on your nails come from – and what you can do about it.


Nail trauma: a myth debunked

It is often said that white spots on nails are caused by a lack of calcium or zinc. But don’t start chugging milk just yet! Because the true cause is actually less complicated. White spots on your nails are just like little bruises. Have you recently bumped your nails against something? That’s what’s showing at the surface. The only difference with typical blue bruises is that these white spots are less visible. With an average of 3.5 millimeters per month, nails grow quite slowly. That’s why the ‘damage’ of a bruised nail only tends to show once the nail has grown a little further.

nail biting

How to avoid getting white spots on your nails

If you want to avoid getting those white spots on your nails, being careful not to bruise them is key. Camouflaging your nails with nail polish or applying gel nails are options too, but be sure to let your nails rest from time to time so that they won’t become brittle.

nail biting

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